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• In the case of entering information that is wrong, disorderly, and misleading, or that includes statements against moral rules,
• In the case of recording private or public announcements, promotional information, and sales requests,
• In the case of deletion or alteration of submitted information by the third parties,
• In the case of a manipulation attempt of the Website content or information of other members,
• In the case of partial or complete copying of information on the Website and utilization thereof by any means,
• In the case of sharing the information, such as user name, password, membership number given to the members by the third persons or establishments,
• In the case of usage of software that may jeopardize the general security of the Website and that may interfere with the Website and its actual software, and engaging in or attempting similar activities.

Copyright and Brand
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Personal Use
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In the case of membership account usage by its owner that extends the purposes established or will be established on this Website, which may incur damages both on the Website and the third parties, and/or incur damage on the commercial standing of the Website, the Website administrators reserve the right to immediately cancel the membership of the user, and appeal to any judicial and administrative authorities against the user.

You can be a member on our Website by simply filling out the membership form. It should be indicated that, the Website management may not approve the membership and/or cancel the membership without giving any reasons.

Announcements and Presentations
You duly accept that you are solely responsible for the content of your presentations, and you will not submit materials that are against the law, humiliating, harassing, o obscene.
You duly accept that you may not submit anything that violates the rights of the third parties, including the Copyrights, brand, personal and Ownership rights.
Regarding the entire material that you submit on this Website, you duly accept that you grant us the right and license to use, duplicate, alter, publish, translate, reproduce content and distribute these, utilizing any means of distribution, transfer, and display that is current or will be developed in the future, without payment of any royalties, on a non-exclusive basis. You also guarantee that you renounce the “corporeal rights”.
In addition, including the materials that are protected by the other persons’ privacy rights or Copyrights or commercial brands, or other Ownership rights, and the adapted materials that are classified such as, you cannot use any information, software, or other materials that may violate or contradict the rights of others, without getting the permission of the owner, or rightful persons or institutions.
The Website Management has the right to review the statements and presentations, make a decision to publish or not publish, and discontinue publishing the statements and presentations without any reasons.

The products you purchase from bpderma.com are under guarantee for 6 months from the date of invoice. In the case of any deterioration due to manufacturing, excluding wrongful usage, you can demand a new product by sending it to the address,

BB Derma Kozmetik San. ve Tic A.Ş.
Mimar Sinan Mah. Çavuşbaşı Cad. Özge Sok No: 8 D:9
34782 Cekmeköy/ İstanbul – Türkiye, Telefon: +90 216 311 20 45 and informing at info@bpderma.com

In case we do not have the same product in stock, we transfer the total amount to the bank account you prefer, or we ship a similar product with your approval.

Cancellations, Returns, and Exchanges
You can cancel the order you paid for, before it is shipped via Courier.
You can click on the info@bpderma.com. or call +90 216 311 20 45 for cancellation during the business hours.
You can return your order or exchange it with an equivalent product within 30 days. There are no returns or exchanges for used or used products.
For returns or exchanges, you must send the unused product you ordered to,

BB Derma Kozmetik San. ve Tic A.Ş.
Mimar Sinan Mah. Çavuşbaşı Cad. Özge Sok No: 8 D:9
34782 Cekmeköy/ İstanbul – Türkiye, within 30 days following the date of invoice and include this invoice in the package.

You will be receiving an e-mail regarding the status of your product. The total amount of your cancelled order will be processed on the same day in workdays. Depending on the transaction procedure of the banks, your account will be refunded within 2 weeks.

Sales Conditions
You duly accept the purchase of the product under the following terms and conditions that are lawfully binding. For all others, it is necessary that the product is available and its price is verified. The delivery time depends on the availability of the product, and all kinds of guarantee and statements regarding the delivery time is limited to Turkey, and can be delayed due to reasons beyond our control, such as delayed parcel or force majeure. In order to sign an agreement with BB Derma Kozmetik San. Ve Tic A. Ş., you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid credit card or debit card that is issued by a bank acknowledged by us. When ordering, you duly commit that all of the information you provide is accurate and complete, you are the rightful owner of the card you use with your order, and you have sufficient funds to cover your purchase. All prices that are advertised are subject to such changes.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail when you order. This e-mail only confirms that we received your order, and does not mean that we approved your order. There will be no binding contract between us, until we send you an e-mail confirming the delivery status of the products you order with us. Only the products on the delivery route, as listed in the confirmation mail will be included in the drawn contract.

Pricing and Availability
Even though we make every effort to provide accurate information, explanations and prices as displayed on the Website, there can be mistakes. If we detect any mistakes regarding any product you ordered, we will inform you as soon as possible, and offer you the choice of renewed verification of your order with the correct price, or cancellation of your order. We will consider your order as cancelled, in case we cannot contact you. If you wish to cancel an order you paid for, we will refund you fully. VAT is included in the price.

After we receive your order with credit or debit card, we subject the card you use to pre-authorization check, to make sure that you have sufficient funds for the transaction. The products will not be handled for shipping before the pre-authorization process. The due amount will be displayed in the dept section of your card after the order is confirmed.